Ionization in different types of environments is possible through custom units for both odors or particles.

Our OxySan devices are currently available in the following environments when reducing odors or dust / particles:

Skanska Rental

Skanska Rental or other Hire companies for varied use within construction

Poseidon Bostadsaktiebolag Göteborg

OxySan 200 or OxyClean to clean air from odors in environmental stations and garbage rooms

Gothenburg railways

OxySan 2000 units run around the clock in these repair halls to keep dust and particles on the floor. Dust and smoke at grinding, cutting and welding have previously been a major inconvenience before installing ionization units from Renluftsteknik AB.

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Since 1982, Clean Air Technology has developed products for improving air quality and problem solving for dust and odors through ionization of air.

Clean air technology can therefore offer a system of units that only generates 'fresh air' completely without ozone or other health hazardous residues.

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To spread our products we work with resellers and Hire companies