OxySan ™ – Improve your air quality

Improve your working environment significantly

– OxySan is an effective air cleaner as by means of ionization

Ozone free ionization

Ozone free ionization of air for indoor environments that removes:

  • Dust in air at construction sites when grinding, demolition, concrete sawing etc.
  • Shredding and welding dust / smells in
  • workshops
  • Milk stew in bakeries
  • Textile dust in weaveries
  • Smoke after fire
  • mildew Odor
  • Bacteria and viruses

After 5 minutes of bipolar ionization with the correct ionization level, you can reduce the relative particle content by up to:


Depending on the total volume of air, the following standard products are available

For larger volumes of air, multiple machines can be used at the same time.

OxySan 200

0 – 120 m³

50 W (1-fas)

535 x 310 x 190

1 – 60 m3

5 kg

OxySan 1000

60 – 400 m³

220 W (1-fas)

370 x 500 x 580 mm

60 – 400 m3

20 kg (Alu)

OxySan 2000

100 – 1000 m³

240 W (1-fas)

520 x 730 x 640 mm

100 – 1000 m3

55 kg

OxySan 4000

200 – 1500 m³

300 W (1-fas)

520 x 730 x 640 mm

200 – 1500 m3

60 kg

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Since 1982, Clean Air Technology has developed products for improving air quality and problem solving for dust and odors through ionization of air.

Clean air technology can therefore offer a system of units that only generates 'fresh air' completely without ozone or other health hazardous residues.

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Our products keeps dust and particles on the floor, personell and workers can breath clean air without fine silica dust floating in the air.

Industry and workshops

Particle levels in the air are reduced when cutting, welding and sanding different materials as concrete, metal etc.

Garbage/Waste rooms and toilets

Bad smell in public environments are eliminated.

Offices and meetingrooms

Our portable units can be used temporarily or permanent.


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