Clean air is a big issue for our health. By medical research focus are on nanoparticles with a size of single molecules.

Ionizing air purifier

Proximity favors the spread of bacteria and viruses. Through our urbanization, outdoor air becomes increasingly polluted. In dense buildings, odors are increasingly affected by our well-being. To reduce this harmful impact, major research projects have been conducted to improve our air.

Since the beginning of 1982, we have therefore developed and deepened our expertise in advanced air purification.
Our methods of cleaning air are designed to provide a fresh and clean indoor environment, free of unhealthy particles and unpleasant smells. We use ionization against odors and dust particles. Individual or combined, we achieve a very efficient treatment with this method.

We are constantly working on product development, as part of our endeavor to meet the market with effective solutions.

After 5 minutes of bipolar ionization with the correct ionization level, you can reduce the relative particle content by up to:


Areas that our ionization units are intended for:

Building construction

In the construction industry dust is present in all forms, in recent years, the knowledge of fine quartz dust has been floating freely in indoor air, making legislation on human health a serious focus. Our products keep the particles down on the floor so that workers and staff can breathe clean air.

Industry & Workshops

In manufacturing and maintenance in industry, workshop workers will be in contact with both abrasive dust, welding smoke and odors that float freely in the indoor air. Our products keep the dust on the floor and neutralize smoke and odors from paint and welding work.

Garbage/waste room, cold room & toilets

Bad smells in public spaces such as washrooms and toilets are easily removed with our custom products.

Office & meeting rooms

We have portable devices that can be used temporarily or permanently. Contact us and we will tell you more!

Additional examples of areas:


Hotels and restaurants

For the neutralization of smells in cold rooms, garbage and waste rooms.



  • In stables and barns for the neutralization of smells.
  • To prevent infections by bacteria and viruses.

Meat industry

  • In cold rooms and for goods transport.

  • In processing rooms and packing rooms.


Engineering industry

  • In workshop premises to clean and improve the working environment.

  • To remove diesel, gasoline, paint and solvents and remove concrete dust and mold.


Food Production

  • In production rooms and filling lines for food, in storage areas for packaging materials.

  • To prevent bacterial supply in food.



In refrigeration, storage and packaging for bakery products


Workplaces with dust dust

For air purification and reduction of bacteria and mold.


Sanitary equipment

For the elimination of odors in changing rooms, shower rooms, laundry rooms and toilets.


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Since 1982, Clean Air Technology has developed products for improving air quality and problem solving for dust and odors through ionization of air.

Clean air technology can therefore offer a system of units that only generates 'fresh air' completely without ozone or other health hazardous residues.

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