Clean air through ionization

Since 1982, Renluftsteknik has been developing products for improving air quality as well as providing problem solutions for dust and odors by ionizing air. Renluftsteknik offers ionization units for various purposes and areas. Our products only generate ”fresh air” without residual products and ozone. The technology is well developed and proven with several awards.

Fast, simple & safe

Quick results

Our products improve air quality quickly and efficiently.

Easy to use

All of our units are very user friendly and simple to operate.


We have won several awards both here in Sweden and internationally..

Examples of applications


Our products keeps dust and particles on the floor, personell and workers can breath clean air without fine silica dust floating in the air.

Industry & workshops

Particle levels in the air are reduced when cutting, welding and sanding different materials as concrete, metal etc.

Garbage/Waste rooms & toilets

Bad smells in public spaces such as garbage rooms and toilets are easily removed with our customized products.

Offices & meetingrooms

We have portable devices that can be used either temporarily or permanently. Contact us and we’ll tell you more!

Our most popular products

OxyClean 120

42 W (1-phase)
510 x 255 x 130 mm
80 – 120 m3
<30 dB(A)

OxySan 200

0 – 120 m³
50 W (1-phase)
535 x 310 x 190 mm
1 – 60 m3
5 kg

OxySan 1000

60 – 400 m³
220 W (1-phase)
370 x 500 x 580 mm
60 – 400 m3
20 kg (Alu)

OxySan 4000

200 – 1500 m³
300 W (1-phase)
520 x 730 x 640 mm
200 – 1500 m3
60 kg

Improve your working environment

– OxySan™ is an effective air cleaner which, by means of ionization, ensures that your workplace has a healthy air quality.

Particularly suitable for garbage rooms

– OxyClean™ is an ionization unit that effectively removes strong odors, mold, particles and dust.

Effective technology

The ions react with pollutants and odors, making suspended particles
electrically charged which makes them fall to the floor or can be more easily trapped in filters. The result is a clean and fresh air environment that is perceived to be cooler and fresher. Mold growth is prevented while the area feels healthier. Only 5 minutes of bipolionization with the correct ionization level, results to the relative particle content being reduced by up to 95%.

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